January 5, 2022
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On 24/12, comrade Haris Mantzouridis was discharged from the psychiatric hospital in Dafni and transferred to the Prisoners’ Psychiatric Hospital in Korydallos prison. He was immediately placed in “quarantine”, where he will remain from 4 to 7 days (it is not certain exactly how many).

The conditions there are deplorable, which reflects the general conditions of detention in the prison in the midst of a pandemic. He is kept in a very small room with three other prisoners, and new ones are added every day, which increases the actual chances of catching covid. The window is broken, so it is very cold, the mattresses are ripped, broken glass, blood and excrement on the floor, food is thrown away by all the prisoners, the possibility of communication with his own people is minimal.

It is obvious that these conditions of detention further aggravate the already shaken mental and physical health of the comrade. We will be back for any further developments.

No one alone – let there be no one alone in the hands of the State!
Immediate release of comrade Haris Mantzouridis!
Prisoners’ lives matter!

Assembly of Solidarity to the imprisoned, fugitives and persecuted militants


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