October 18, 2020
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We were told by friends in Malaysia that the transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic has gradually subsided since the pandemic struck earlier this year.

Until the Sabah state election was held on September 26. Power-mad politicians have campaigned in Sabah which at that time was spreading brutally this pandemic.

Politicians from Peninsular Malaysia, who originally came from controlled areas, entered Sabah, which at the time was experiencing a contagious outbreak to campaign to ensure their party won. And then brought the epidemic of the disease back to Peninsular Malaysia, thus triggering new infections and clusters when the virus spreads again.

As a result of politicians not taking care of these SOPs and quarantine, the situation in Malaysia today is getting worse where the people are restless with the new wave that is hitting soon. Politicians are blaming the people again for the new wave as if the people are not following the SOP and social distancing.

Malaysians to some extent began to reject these irresponsible politicians because they did not take seriously the issue, involving the health of the people.

The people are fed up with dirty politics and political coups that are more important than the health of the people. Because of that, the people began to show their dissatisfaction through various mediums, to make politicians aware of the courage to take responsibility for their actions and the mistakes they have made.

Friends there demanded that these politicians step down from their respective seats because they had failed in managing the well-being of the people.

Salute Malaysian friends!

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