March 8, 2021
De parte de Federaci贸n Anarquistas Gran Canaria
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By Green Anticapitalist MediaWe are publishing an statement sent to us by GAF London as well as a translation of the one released by Federaci贸n Anarquista Gran Canaria. You can see the amazing work the FAGC does by listening to our recent interview with one of them. Please remember that Green Anti-capitalist Media simply publishes what we receive and we don鈥檛 necessarily endorse or condone any of the opinions it contains.

Here is the statement by GAF London followed by the translation bellow.

We鈥檝e translated an statement published by the Federaci贸n Anarquista Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Anarquist Federation) where they detail the political persecution of their member Ruym谩n Rodr铆guez, who is facing false charges to cover up the brutal violence they inflicted upon him as part of a ploy to repress the radical housing movement in Gran Canaria. The FAGC he鈥檚 part of has been involved in a very successful social movement for housing in Gran Canaria and has helped hundreds of families left abandoned by the state. Like any other threat to its legitimacy, the state couldn鈥檛 allow this to continue unchallenged.

This happens as the protests for the political incarceration of Catalan anti-fascist rapper Pablo Has茅l continue. And in fact just as it鈥檚 announced that 8 anarchists have been arrested accused without evidence of participating in the burning of a police van during these protests. This is clearly a move against the whole of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement, which they seek to use as the scapegoat to try to smother the flames of revolt spreading all over the Spanish state after years of pent up rage for the many injustices the people have suffered under it.

It鈥檚 also difficult not to notice the significance of this happening only a day after we remembered the anniversary of the death of Salvador Puig, an anti-capitalist killed by the Francoist regime in what became the last death sentence in Spain to date, precipitating the end of the dictatorship soon after. As we can see, the transition to democracy made little difference in stopping the political repression or solve any of the issues accosting the people. Rather, it has allowed for the crimes of the dictatorship to go unpunished and for all the institutions that create misery for the people, such as the guarcia civil that tortured Ruy, to continue operating unchallenged. This is the nature of democracies: a more stable and cunning form of domination.

We therefore cannot see this as anything else but the continuation of the campaign of social warfare states wage against their people to keep them under their rule. This war is always takes place unilaterally by the state even when there鈥檚 not significant opposition to it, but it escalates as soon as its subjects attempt to fight back by abandoning the useless calls for civility and non-violence, the meaningless gestures, marches and electoral aspirations. The arrival of the 鈥渕ost progressive government in the history of the democracy鈥 in Spain has done nothing to stop this. And in fact, it has allowed it to continue more efficiently and brutal than ever by buying the support of parts of the left with electoral promises of representation.

It鈥檚 in this context that we call on all members of the international anarchist, anti-authoritarian and antifascist movement to extend their solidarity to Ruym谩n Rodr铆guez and the FAGC as well as to everyone else suffering the repression of the Spanish state. Just as they ramp up their campaign of violence, so must we increase the intensity of our fight for freedom. Messages and shows of solidarity are needed, but also actions that target the state and its institutions. No matter in what part of the world you find yourself, our enemy is the same. And any threat to one of its parts affects the whole. Let them feel the fear of those who won鈥檛 bow down to their violence.

Solidarity with Ruym谩n Rodr铆guez!

Solidarity with the victims of state violence!

Burn down the prisons, free all prisoners!



鈥 GAF London

This is the ranslated statement originally published by the FAGC:

We鈥檝e been notified that on the next 24th of March our pal Ruym谩n Rodr铆guez will be taken to the court. 鈥淐asually鈥 it鈥檚 been little more than a month since we came back to have a presence online. The prosecution asks for 1 year and 6 months of jail time (and a 770鈧 fine) for a baseless crime of 鈥渁ssault against authority鈥.

Let鈥檚 illuminate the background of this case. End of April 2015. Ruy is about to leave for his job (taking care of the elderly) when two guardias civiles (Spanish militarized police force in charge of civil policing) approach him in the bus stop of Guagua. Without even identifying themselves, they kidnap him and take him to the station.

There it starts the session of insults, death threats, abuse and finally slaps, beat ups and strangling鈥hey only stop after he starts spitting blood.

Ruy refuses to make a declaration, requests the Habeas Corpus, medical assistance and that a lawyer of his choosing is informed. He also threatens them with publicly denouncing the tortures. Like he finally did. This is when the guarcias civiles start to be afraid. They haven鈥檛 arrested a helpless person incapable of reacting. This is where the accusation of assault against authority is born, to justify Ruy鈥檚 injuries.

They accuse him of kicking in the groing one of the guarcias civiles who was torturing him in the interrogation room. The accusation of assault against authority, a 鈥渃rime鈥 that happens after the arrest, is also an attempt to justify the police actions.

They justify the kidnapping due to the need of identifying Ruy because, according to them, he refused to identify himself. And why was it supposedly necessary to identify him? Because of an accusation made by a person who entered into 鈥淟a Esperanza鈥 community without permission, without giving any of the required documentation and who made an accusation against all of the 鈥淩ehousing Commission鈥 that came to confront him. These are the requirements (in Spanish). In total 6 people were accused of 鈥渃oercion鈥. None of them, logically, were arrested. Ruy, the only one who wasn鈥檛 present when this took place, the only one whose name the accuser must have known, is 鈥渃asually鈥 the only one arrested.

Do you think that鈥檚 where this this pantomime stops? When Ruy was arrested it had been days since the accuser, to whom we had been able to explain the rehousing protocol, HAD ALREADY WITHDRAWN ALL THE ACCUSATIONS. There was no reason to identify Ruy, or to detain him or to arrest him.

This is the truth: since 2011 the FAGC has been taking actions that the system couldn鈥檛 assimilate. Hundreds of expropriations and rehousings and hundreds of evictions stopped. We鈥檝e helped more people to access a house than any other institution in the Canary Islands. We鈥檝e also promoted the biggest housing socialization project of the Spanish state: 76 families, 200 people, most of them kids, living autonomously in 鈥淟a Esperanza鈥. Currently there are 10 other communities of similar characteristics only in this island.

鈥淟a Esperanza鈥 was a cause of distress for the Guarcia Civil in Gu铆a. An ancient municipality with high standard of living, but little social and cultural activity. As the Community grew so did the police hostility. During the almost 24 hours the police had Ruy arrested the guarcias civiles said things to Ruy like 鈥測ou are making Gu铆a full of scum鈥. Also 鈥済o to Las Palmas to burn containers and leave that rehousing shit already鈥.

The hate for the poor by the police and the institutions and the government鈥檚 worry that an incipient anarchism got in contact, after many year of self-isolation, with destitute families, migrants and the homeless. This is the background to understand the arrest of Ruy.

They wanted to cut at its root what later would become a potent housing movement with libertarian influences that would end up crystallising in the 鈥淪indicato de Inquilin@as de Gran Canaria鈥. They wanted to stop this:

We ask all the social collectives, independent media, etc to make theirs our demand of #Ruym谩nLibertad (#FreeRuyman) and that they be ready to sound the alarm if the legal situation of our pal worsens. Without solidarity we are destined to be defeated.

They ask prison sentences for those who protests, fight and question. For those who, like in this case, have done nothing but help poor families to have a roof over their head. We are immersed in an escalation of repression which we鈥檒l only be able to confront if we are united.

They want to punish Ruy because they believe that with this they鈥檒l be able to destroy what we鈥檝e been building for almost a decade in this island: a neighbourhood anarchism by the poor for the poor. They don鈥檛 understand what it means to face off against a social project that comes from bellow.

They are naive if they think we are going to allow them to crush us. Not even with all their gags they鈥檒l be able to stops from continue to shout: 鈥淏ring down the walls of the prisons!鈥 鈥淧olitical or social, let all prisoners out鈥 And of course: #Ruym谩nLibertad (#FreeRuyman).

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