November 28, 2022
De parte de
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On the side of kittens, jaguars, dogs, cows, horses, chinchillas, trees and blizzards. We write this message full of pride, with a great mocking grimace on our faces.

The punishment for breaking the fear and the monotony of sterile grandiloquent words, we have always known, is death or prison. Since we were little we have known it.

And here we are, crashing into a wall in the middle of a beautiful and dizzying journey that here, only begins.

With our hearts clenched, missing and loving, we chew our sorrows and sigh in this frenzy that was created to torment and undermine.

Prison is a portal to a world of much pain. Where the machine seeks for the individual to catalyze his sorrows, in an uncontrollable violent and authoritarian dehumanization.

A feudal micro-society extremely suffocating and crude.

In a mixture, with a reality show directed by armed gendarmes and their cameras.

The myth of rehabilitation in here is unmasked, between pastabase, beatings and praises of desperate rexs.

With us they will not be able to, we continue and will continue to be who we are. Embracing each other in moments of weakness, and sharpening our hatred for this bastard, apathetic 鈥 psychopathic society.

We are strong in this new friction with the established order, from Santiago 1 to the Women鈥檚 Prison of San Miguel. Never asking for forgiveness or clemency, laughing our heads off at the malicious 芦comrades禄 fanatics of inaction.

Greetings, hugs, meows and kisses to all those who are supporting us. To our families, comrades, anonymous solidarity, both in the territory and from abroad.

This could take a long time, due to the seriousness of the accusations and the traditional media circus that has been set up around the case. But they will not break us.

Forward those who prioritize actions over words.

With love, pride and wild tenderness.

-Tortu, anarcho-nihilist vegan prisoner, straight edge.

-Ita, vegan prisoner -straight edge

-Ru, anarcho-nihilist vegan prisoner -straight edge

-Panda, subversive anti-speciesist straight edge prisoner