December 5, 2022
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Two weeks after the kidnapping of my compa帽erxs and I, the reason that makes me write this statement today is to hold the investigation police responsible for the death of my cat companion Tony, who on the day of the raid on my home was cowardly beaten with a kick in his stomach, which left him with internal sequelae. When visiting the vet they decided to inject him with medication to prevent nausea and constant vomiting, as well as vitamin supplements, because he did not want to eat, even so it was impossible to save him, as he was in no mood and in a lot of pain, as a result of the blow he received.

Tony, as some people knew him, was a cat that since his birth was paraplegic, he dragged his hind legs; he had to be stimulated to defecate, wash him and moult him, becoming like a baby. He was with us for 7 years, until last weekend (November 12), when his light went out, but he left us a lot to learn and will remain in the memory and hearts of all those who knew him.

We hold the murderous institution PDI responsible for taking a life and a comrade who had nothing to do with our conflict with the State, its system and with those who become millionaires because of the pain, torture and death of animals, the meat, dairy, fur, vivisection industry and a long etc. of those who continue with animal exploitation.

We are sad because we have lost a great warrior, but we are firm, because this does not end here.

With Tony in our hearts and in our memory, for the animal liberation!!!

Tortu, anarcho nihilist prisoner vegan straight edge
Santiago 1 Prison
Module 1 of high security
November 2022