December 31, 2020
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Call to resistance in Fraguas..en castellano abajo
Sent by Gavroche on Mar, 06/18/2019

 Fraguas.. NO Eviction NO Jail NO Demolition

Imminent danger of eviction, demolition and imprisonment of 6 people from the village of Fraguas. We can not allow it. We call for indefinite days of resistance in order to stop it. This can only be stopped if there is a massive influx of people willing to defend the project.

鈥楬alf of Spain is de-populated to serve the capitalist comsumer nightmare now destroying the planet. Now is time to defend Fraguas and re-occupy thousands of abandoned villages鈥.

There is no concrete date for the demolition but there are many preparations to be made and we need help. We intend to use techniques of peaceful resistance and disobedience. They want to destroy autonomy, community life, self-sufficiency, self-management, the rural world, its inhabitants and traditional culture.

-We believe and fight鈥

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