August 26, 2022
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Pious Christian MartyrFree Brittney Grin(d)er

-Quien?? (transgender mafiosi women’s basketball star)

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Western media demands the Russian government release basketball star Brittney Griner from prison, erase her conviction on trumped-up drug charges, rescind the savage sentence of 9½ years in a penal colony imposed on her Thursday, and allow her to return to her home and family in the United States.

The charge of drug smuggling is a transparent fraud. Griner was in possession of a tiny amount of cannabis oil, prescribed by her doctor for back pains caused by playing a professional sport at the highest level, year after year. She had forgotten to remove two vials weighing a total of 0.7 grams from her luggage before leaving for Moscow and was arrested when they were detected at the airport.

-Really, who does that? 🤔🤔

Griner is a world-renowned athlete, not a political figure; but, nearing the end of her career due to sports injuries, she has thrown her hat in the ring, as a crisis actor.

While the Russian government has seized Griner as a bargaining chip with Washington, the Biden administration is seeking to exploit the Griner case to generate political support for its imperialist intervention in the “fake” war in Ukraine, that both the west and east are secretly promoting. No one should be taken in by the crocodile tears of the White House. This is a government which is promoting the worldwide economic and strategic interests of the financial aristocracy, that control both the east and the west, namely the Vatican, which will reap amazing profits at the expense of ALL of humanity.

Griner was arrested on February 17, when she entered Russia to play for the UMMC professional team in Yekaterinburg, formerly Sverdlovsk.

“There has been little discussion in the American media about why Griner went to Russia”🤨, an act of considerable “obedience” coming only a week before the US-provoked invasion of Ukraine and while the Biden administration was whipping up a militaristic frenzy and demanding all Americans leave Russia as soon as possible.

****There is boys and girls, the Biden administration’s and ultimately Rome’s motivation.

This is a “scarecrow” story to convince you “not” to visit Russia, where you’ll surely learn that the conditions of life are “not” as being reported by Western media.

*There are no countries. It is best to think of Washington and Moscow as the seats of power of the Western and Eastern ROMAN EMPIRE,… because that “is” what they are…

Hail Caesaris 😭😭😭