April 26, 2021
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We express our Solidarity to the imprisoned comrades in Chile who, since March 22, 2021, have started a mobilization with the characteristics of an indefinite hunger strike, demanding the release of anarchist prisoners, prisoners of subversive action, prisoners of bloodshed uprising. of 2019 as well as the prisoners for the release of the Mapuche natives.

Other demands also include amending a law governing the conditional release of detainees so that it remains an acquired right of prisoners and not a 芦privilege禄 as defined by current law. This law is a photographic one that targets more the militant prisoners, the anarchist prisoners, the prisoners who are imprisoned for their struggle against the state and capital. It is a law that makes it difficult for them to be released on parole. It proves once again that the enemy is common to the whole world. It is the state and the international state-capitalist complex of power.

The method of states to keep their political opponents as much as possible in prisons is evident all over the world. Proof is the priority of the current Greek government which, when it came to power, recently passed laws revising the penal code and the penitentiary code with the aim of keeping as many as possible in prison, even after the parole limit is reached, the remaining political prisoners, especially the unrepentant, those who have been convicted under the anti-terrorism law for an armed struggle, for a city guerrilla. These include us, the imprisoned members of the Revolutionary Struggle. Like the enemy, our struggle is common despite the diversity of conditions and any differences, from Chile and Chiapas to Turkey, Kurdistan, Rojava, Greece, everywhere.

SOLIDARITY to the imprisoned Comrades in Chile who have been on strike
and hunger strike since March 22

SOLIDARITY in the Mapuche Struggle


The imprisoned members of the Revolutionary Struggle
Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis

SOURCE: 螘螤螒螡螒危韦螒韦螜螝螣危 螒螕惟螡螒危

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