July 8, 2022
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On 07/07/2022 at 04.00 we carried out a symbolic bombing with two kilos of explosive material at the Maroussi Tax Office in solidarity with the hunger-striking anarchist Giannis Michailidis, who has been on hunger strike since 05/23/2022. However, there is also silence on this issue, with very little reporting. The fact that the 芦opposition禄 and 芦journalism禄 follow orders and comply with agreements has reached a new level in recent years, with the deliberate concealment of facts or their distortion. The omert脿 that prevails in the public discourse is, on the one hand, a requirement to deal harshly with the hunger striker and, on the other hand, it forces us to improve our means.

The comrade now runs the risk of suffering irreparable damage to his health, fighting only with his life as a weapon for the ultimate good, freedom. The moment of the attack is particularly significant, since the day before the negative recommendation of the prosecutor鈥檚 office on his request for freedom, to which he is entitled according to their laws, was announced. Laws that apply selectively according to the criteria of sovereignty, with recent examples such as the release of the murderous policeman Korkoneas, the rapist Filippidis, the Zac Kostopoulos case, etc.

Numerous interventions and solidarity actions have preceded and will follow. This attack is intended to give courage and a promise to Giannis that we will continue to fight, but also a message to all kinds of rulers that nothing will go unanswered.

In practice, anarchists in solidarity.

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