June 28, 2022
De parte de Anarquia.info
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On the night of May Day we chose to attack the new store in the Exarchia area, at 45 Themistokleous Street, called OBA. We broke its storefront and left the political message of our action with stickers saying that since the opening of this store the homeless person who lived in front of its storefront was displaced.

This action was our response to the displacement of the homeless person who had resided for years in the arcades in front of that store and who, after its opening, was forced to seek shelter in another corner of the neighborhood.

How the surplus is displaced to make way for urban and middle class shoppers is also demonstrated by the fact that on the opposite side of the store we attacked there was a squat, which the State evicted a few years ago, sealing the building to prevent its reoccupation.

The tactic of capital鈥檚 domination of the city鈥檚 public space was also evidenced by the well-known story of the Janos bookstore, which tore down its entrance to prevent homeless people from sleeping there. The store we attacked behind the mask of being a friend of loudki consumers is participating in the transformation of the neighborhood into a hipster consumption zone, in the touristization of the ensembles and in the displacement of those who are left over.

Any store that bets on the gentrification of the outfits will receive a stone in its storefront.

Get the hipsters out of Exarchia.

We want immigrants in every neighborhood, not vacationing tourists.

Get the police out of our lives.


Fuente: Anarquia.info