June 28, 2022
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In the era of the normality of speciesism, of the normality of the exploitation of animals (human or non-human), of the normality of confinement and prisons, of the normality of the culture of deprivation of freedom and, essentially, of life itself, of the normality of poverty, misery, sadness and depression, one does not fight for the obvious but for its reconceptualization.

Confinement, surveillance, lack of self-determination, deprivation of dignity鈥 Prison. Giannis knows that to win the self-evident he must risk everything he has.

To win life he must risk the condition of survival.

Giannis鈥 right to parole after serving 3/5 of his total sentence according to the penal code is a small crack in the wall of his long-term captivity. The hunger strike intends to use this crack as a starting point for the complete demolition of this wall and the end of his preventive and indefinite detention. Through his body and his own life, he intends to break the informal regime of exclusion imposed on him and regain his physical freedom.

Giannis is not and will not be alone. This struggle 鈥 like every struggle 鈥 is part of a wider, global struggle, both for the reconceptualization of the obvious things of this world and for its practical vindication.

Giannis, hold on tight until freedom!

Kostas Sakkas,

Wing 鈥楢鈥, Korydallos Prison 6/22/2022

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