June 20, 2022
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Today 19/6, Giannis Michailidis completes his 28th day of hunger strike and is guarded in Lamia hospital. His weight is 57.5 kg, up from 62.5 kg on 6/14, while at the beginning it was 73.1 kg, a loss of 21% of his original weight and a sugar level of 60. His condition is critical and, as he approaches 30 days of starvation, there is a very serious potential for a sharp deterioration and a risk of hypoglycemic shock and permanent damage to his health. At the same time, there is a lack of information to his relatives, the hospital administration has so far not granted an attendance permit and there is a restriction of visits. It has already been 39 days since the meeting of the Plenary Council of Amfissa without a verdict for his definitive termination, which is due to him since December 2021. Michailidis, I appeal for the wait to end immediately, on Monday, with a positive decision of the competent council. From now on, every day that passes may have irreversible consequences for his health.


George Kakarnias



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