July 12, 2022
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*photo: Graffiti in memory of anarchist Willem Van Spronsen on the facade of the Bouboulina Anacatelliana building (August 2019).

Three years ago, on July 13, 2019 in Washington state, anti-fascist anarchist Willem Van Spronsen fought his last battle in an armed action against an immigration detention center.

«I don’t stand idly by. I don’t need to say anything more. I put aside my broken heart and heal myself the only way I know how, by being useful.»

Willem Van Spronsen

Officially, 700 migrants have been counted dead in the Mediterranean in the last six months. In the case of the North Aegean the figure is almost zero because no one is keeping count. As official counts have declined in previous years, since the leftist government sealed Evros, the practice of drowning migrants has increased. The current government has systematized a method: sabotage of boats and abandonment at the sea border. In addition, the same method is often applied to those who manage to reach the shore: re-boarding the boat at gunpoint, towing it in the middle of the ocean and sabotaging the vessel. The annihilation counted of the number of arriving migrants is equivalent to as many murders as the average number of arrivals before the start of systematic repatriation. The daily mass extermination can and has continued unhindered since the state, with the help of fascists, turned the eastern coast of the North Sea islands into a «safe haven».

Aegean exclusively as a military zone, inaccessible even to institutional organizations. Precisely so, on the borders of the EU and Greek territory, a long-lasting class massacre is being carried out, neither more nor less political than the intra-imperialist war in the Russian-Ukrainian zone. A massacre indifferent to the comfortable Europeans and Greeks, bipartisan and leftist, as the Germans «did not know» about the Nazi extermination camps.

Comrade Willem broke the invisible border, exploded the guilty silence, attacked with his body the miserable class distinction, the anti-social cannibalism of those who do not risk their skin while inhabiting the slaughterhouse, in the territories of the masters. With gun in hand.

The martyrs of the revolution guard the border crossings.

Willem Van Spronsen – Always ahead on our way.

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