June 21, 2022
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Solidarity to the hunger striker from 23/5 Giannis Michailidis

Comrade Giannis Michailidis has been on hunger strike for almost a month now, aiming for his release, refusing to accept that political, agonistic and generally 芦undisciplined禄 prisoners will be left at the mercy of each service and each council as to when they 芦qualify禄 for release. We support the comrade鈥檚 struggle, knowing that it is not an individual solution, but is added to the more general attack we face inside and outside of prisons.

We chose to attack, on 16/6, with paints at the Heraklion District Court, sending a signal of solidarity and strength to the comrade who continues his struggle and calling for a multiplication of aggressive movements until Giannis is released from prison.

We support the international day of action on 24/6

Immediate satisfaction of the hunger striker鈥檚 demand

Cops, Judges, Politicians have no reason to sleep in peace

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