December 20, 2022
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By phone call we learn that on the evening of today, Wednesday, December 14, Anna breaks the hunger strike she started 38 days ago alongside Alfredo, who is confined in 41 bis. At the end of the strike Anna is reported to have lost 13 kilos, with a blood pressure of 50 the lowest, 80 the highest. Some liver profile values exceed parameters considered acceptable from a health standpoint. In the last period she has been prospected several times by the prison for hospitalization, a hospitalization she has always refused.

The lives of our comrades in prison are at stake in this struggle. It is incumbent on all of us anarchists and revolutionaries to see to it that it is safeguarded. This is all the more true with regard to Alfredo, who has reached the 56th day of his strike and whose condition is becoming increasingly critical as he awaits the decision of the Supervisory Court.