April 16, 2021
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At the beginning of April the carabinieri notified Robert, already on trial for 鈥漮peration Prometeo鈥, a warranty notice for article 280 (attack for purposes of terrorism) with an attached request for urgent assessments to be carried out on 13th April 2021 at the RIS headquarters in Parma on materials collected on 27 and 28th November 2016 in the areas close to the carabinieri barracks of Bologna-Corticella.

Just a couple of days later the same papers were notified to Giuseppe, presently being held in the prison of Bologna, who is also under investigation for the Prometeo inquest. The disputed facts concern the explosion of a device on the night of November 27, 2016 outside the carabinieri barracks.

We need to make a brief excursus on the repressive genesis that followed that episode. The day after the explosion the prime minister at the time, Matteo Renzi, was visiting the city, and, along with the power of attorney, declared that those responsible for that reprehensible gesture would be caught at any cost and all necessary resources would be put in place to bring to justice those who had dared insult the undisputed authority of the carabinieri with such deeds. And in fact the repressive response was not long in coming, given that just two weeks later they arrested a street juggler of French origin. He was locked up in AS2 in Ferrara for 4 months, but soon the enthusiasm of the prosecutor headed by Giuseppe Amato (known for other inquiries into 鈥渟ubversive associations鈥) waned following the release of the unfortunate after a witness retracted their statement. The investigation was kept open for about another year, then closed without further investigations. The juggler was convicted in the first instance for possession of explosive material (only allegedly, due to the testimony later retracted), to later be completely acquitted on appeal.

Almost five years later, this investigation has been exhumed by the same prosecutor Antonella Scandellari who, after the preceding failures, is trying again by investigating two other comrades. On May 10th the trial for operation Prometeo is due to start and, to make up for the lack of evidence, the investigators are putting the investigated comrades into other proceedings: in order to strengthen the covering of suggestion with which they are basting the investigations, based on mere assumptions linked to their ideas rather than concrete actions. In fact Natascia has been magically inserted into operation Scintilla at the end of the investigations, while now Beppe and Robert find themselves under investigation in this new procedure.

Rather than scare us, the nullity of who is putting these farces into the field, almost makes us laugh.

We will not abandon our comrades.


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