December 5, 2022
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We compile in a brief note a series of activities and signs of solidarity with the struggle of the anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito against the solitary confinement regime, which is legislated in Italy through article 41bis, as well as with Anna, Ivan, Juan, Toby鈥 who intermittently have been joining the hunger strike from different European prisons. Alfredo has been on hunger strike since October 20.

Apart from various signs of solidarity on walls, in the form of posters and graffiti, there was also a talk on November 6, in the Local Anarchist Magdalena where the news of the case and the many signs of solidarity that are taking place in Italy and around the world were reported. That same day, a concentration was called in the Tirso de Molina square after the talk in solidarity with Alfredo. The comrades of 芦Radio Tirso Libertaria禄 made a special program about the hunger strike of the comrade in their programming at the end of November. Last Friday, November 25, a group of comrades gathered at the gates of the Italian Institute, located on Main Street, which decided to close its doors and to take its visitors out through the back door. Finally, during the celebration of the Anarchist Book Meeting in Madrid, a presentation on the repressive situation in Italy and Alfredo鈥檚 hunger strike was programmed.

We send strength and encouragement to the comrade and the promise to continue the struggle. We call for the extension of solidarity in Alfredo鈥檚 fight to the death against 41Bis and the isolation regime.


Death to the state, long live anarchy

Anarchists in solidarity from Madriz

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