January 7, 2022
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The clamour of revolt shattered the silence of a freezing winter night. Anarchist violence was unleashed against Unicredit, exploding in the night against one of its Milan branches in the neighbourhood of Barona. An explosive device placed on the threshold of the institute destroyed the entrance and adjacent cash machines.

The bank giant, chaired by ex-minister of the economy Padoan, is the second most important bank in Italy and can be found in eighteen countries. It has been financing exports of arms and military systems for years, and among its shareholders is Black Rock, a world leader in investment funds. In a world where banks have the power to determine market trends and people’s lives, direct attack on these structures is one of the best weapons of struggle.

Revolutionary solidarity and complicity with anarchist prisoners in the world, proud of their path of struggle.
Nothing is over.
No surrender.


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