February 28, 2022
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This is the World.

This is the moon and the sun.

This is my sand.

Today is better fight to racism, sexism, homophoby…

Is the moon on the sun. Is the eclypse.

The may of war is the reflexion to a poet to the problems of the humanity in the World.

Is better give the things that reflexion to the ideas.

Is the pasion to a poet that lance this texte in form to opinion of the large to the World.

Is my think.

I’m anarchist. I’m antifascist.

In the compedium to the ideas, this ideas have to have to left.

I’m to the left?

I’m person and whit person rechase the moviment to right extreme.

My nacionality dependt to a document that inscribe me in a contry.

This is the form to controle the people and this form afect me to alls senses.

I’m terricole and my think is to Universe.

I’m cosmopolite, open, hapen to have.

I’m to work to work in the vocation to my live.

The poems are my afition and my profesion is other.

The cay of money is the other thing that I want say in this texte.

The money don’t have cay.

Is my opinion and I know that I need money to live.

Know the form to live me?

I leve to the spend.

You know?

In this live I don’t have the form to consecure money for my live.

This is my problem.

The money don’t interest me.

For me the money is the best form to corromp to people.

The people is corrupt.

I think: is most person the person to have more money.

For me the cash don’t valoure nothing.

Is most: the war.

I deplore the war.

The war is for money and the money for me don’t value nothing.

In my gigging think, I think: what be to live, if all depend to money?

I declare:

Agains the racism, agains the xenofoby, agains the sexism, agains the racial prejuices, agains the economic interes, agains all the borders, again all the capitalist contries, agais the escandal to Ucrany, agains the decisions of politics, agains the kinder interes, agains the extreme right, agaisn the fascism, agains the nazis, agaisn the war; in favour to the persons and the people that deplore the war: solidarity whit all this people.

Agains the classim!

No to the all war in demy civilitation! Agains the civilization!

Live the

Wild of the human! Live the Nature! Live the planet! Live the Universe indomit of the human and civilitation!

Stop the war!

Today and always antifascist!

-Richie punk-

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